Phoenix Weight Loss,
The Infini Weight Loss Method

All patients of Dr. Hall are automatically entitled to a complimentary consultation for our programs at our Phoenix Weight Loss Center. Our medical weight loss center is dedicated to helping you lose weight and regulate your metabolism, supervised by medical professionals, with a unique and sensible approach to weight loss, not only serves Phoenix but Arizona.

Effective, Safe and Fast Medical Weight Loss

Our Medical Center can help you lose excess weight and unwanted pounds fast and effectively with a customized physician guided weight loss program and through a combination of the right diet, behavioral therapy, exercise and prescription drugs.

Like you, our team at Infini understands that just eating less and exercising more does not work for everyone. In most cases, there are medical conditions and special situations that hinder or slow down the process of losing weight.

Customized Weight Loss Programs

We are all different and we all lose weight in different ways. That is why when you come to our centers you will have a consultation with one of our specialists. Since we are not alike, our doctors provide medical evaluation and analysis necessary to create a weight loss program and diet designed to meet your unique needs and lifestyle.

Our Rapid Weight Loss Medical Center in Phoenix is a tool that is available to you whether you just want to lose a few extra pounds or if you a severely obese.

Losing Weight Efficiently & Keeping it Off!

The regulation of energy balance (intake and energy expenditure) and body weight is a complex phenomenon therefore the weight loss may be higher or lower depending on many factors that include individual differences due to genetic, hormonal, sex, age , initial body composition, degree of adherence to dietary guidelines as well as lifestyle and daily exercise.

Learning how to control and maintain the weight loss can be complicated if you are alone. With our program you will have continuous guidance and tools that will allow you to not be alone in the process and also to have a greater control over the weight loss and your dietary habits, so that you can stay at your goal weight in a healthy and happy manner.

All patients of Infini are automatically entitled to a complimentary consultation for our programs at our Phoenix Weight Loss Center. To learn more about us or about our programs or to schedule a consultation or use our contact form.

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